Stay up with The Real Laww for the 'Go To Bed' video debut

The rapper debuted the video Wednesday during the free Back Alley Bash in the alley next to Alley Twenty Six. The event not only gaves locals and lovers of Laww and hip-hop alike the opp to throw down in an alley, but included DURM’s own DJ Shahzad and a surprise guest performance — with the video screening at 9:07.

Known for his quirky approach to art, Laww gets real (while keeping his M.O.) with his latest release. A nod to the challenges of life as an artist, working dad and Marine (USMC Reserves) — “I don’t wanna go to bed, I stay alive with hard days and long nights, but it’s alright” — the single’s video (feat. vocalist Mailande Moran and produced in association with Durham-based independent record label Cardigan Records) was a year in the making.

Laww gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the video’s inspo, his commitment to the Bull City, the bash and what’s to come.


‘Go To Bed’ is an ode to the complexities of your life and challenges/joys of life as artist, Marine, dad … how so?

“Go to Bed” promotes balance and to not oversleep. You want it get it, but don’t let it get you.

The single’s video is set to debut at the Back Alley Bash in downtown Durham this week. Tell us why the bash is a must-attend event for all — from your loyal followers to new fans:

When’s the last time you partied in an alley? When’s the last time you had a dope DJ scratching? A talented singer singing and a rapper rapping to you all in one night … in an alley? I just wanted to try something new — always have. The people that have followed me know. I’m constantly going against the traditional route and when I lay out events, it has to be different — fresh. Also, acoustically, an alley sounds great!

You have committed a great deal of yourself and your projects to your love of DURM…

A few that stand out are DURM Hip Hop Summit, Turkeys for DURM, Wounded Warriors Benefit Concerts, Skate Away the Hate and Dance Durham. Because, why not?

How is “Go To Bed” also an ode to Durham?

We are on the edge of being the next “Atlanta” music-wise. Some people fear that change and say we’re growing too fast and losing our originality and identity in the process. I say keep up. Don’t go to sleep if you have to. Stay original; stay balanced. But don’t fear the inevitable. I’m always down for something new, but it has to be fresh.

You drew local inspo for the video. Where from?

From the hip-hop cyphers at NCSU, the mystical feeling of NC swamps at dawn and the ongoing challenges of putting my kids to sleep.

Durham musician Mailande Moran lends her vocals to the track and makes a video cameo. How’d you hook up with her on the song and video?

This is the first song we collaborated on. She was also on “Right Now.” We have other work together that’s not released right now. She’s super-awesome and talented. We starting working on stuff early last year or late two years ago. Her voice is silk, and that’s what this song needed. And also we and our friends go to Cocoa Cinnamon almost every Wednesday morning for the past three years almost. So us joining forces on music was inevitable.

You have other fam/friends making video cameos. What’s the significance?

Started from the bottom now we’re here. Day one’s ride or die.

You (and we) love DURM — so we gotta know: your perfect day in the city?

Picnic on the #2 bus. That’s DURM. … What’s in my basket: Breakfast, black coffee fromCocoa Cinnamon, chicken biscuit from Rise. Lunch: Motorco sliders and a FullsteamCarver. Dinner: Bull City Burger and brew. I can people-watch and eat.

Finally … new video dropping. Can we be on lookout for new album or anything else in the works?

“Accidental Masterpiece” is the album in the works. DJ Shahzad and I will be doing a weekly show called “The Process.” I don’t want to give away too much because people like watching, but it’s a dope concept, and we’ll be inviting other beat-makers, video-makers, vocalists, rappers, etc., to collab with. Starts in September.

After the bash, you have an internet release slated for Aug. 19?

You can catch the “Go To Bed” music video on And subscribe to for more.

Back Alley Bash “Go to Bed” Video Debut

Tickets: FREE
When: Wednesday, August 17; 7:25 p.m.
Where: 320 E. Chapel Hill St., next to Alley Twenty Six, Durham
Internet debut to follow: Aug. 19, 2016,