accidental masterpiece



aka the real laww


Durham, NC based artist, producer and festival organizer, John Laww is not afraid to take on uncanny and unusual projects. Known for his quirky approach to his art, Laww consistently produces original content even outside of performing. Music contributor to an Emmy Nominated web series, "Who, Me? Biased?" as well as sound designer and music producer for a PBS series about care takers, he is no stranger to the uncommon.
Alongside constant involvement of the Durham community; His projects have included the DURM Hip Hop Summit(co-founder), Beats n Bars Festival (co-owner) and charity events for the Wounded Warrior Project, Durham Rescuse Mission and Turkeys for DURM. Laww once joined forces with Wool E. Bull of the Durham Bulls for a choreographed dance routine.
Photos by Zoë Pictues. Body art by Candy Carver. Live shots by Kumolu Studios.



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Accidental Masterpiece

by The Real Laww